Christie Brinkley divorce trial ends

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If you have been following the divorce drama of Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook, then you know things got pretty nasty in the courtroom. Christie spilled the beans on her cheating husband's love of drugs, porn, public masturbation and teenage girls. Could she possibly make him look any worse? Fortunately for their children, we will probably never know if Christie has any more mud to sling. Yesterday, in a closed-door meeting that lasted through the night, the warring couple reached a settlement that effectively ends their public divorce drama.

No surprise, Christie pretty much got what she wanted: sole custody of their two children and all of their Hampton properties (18 of them!). Peter Cook got $2.1 million of his wife's money and some "parenting time" with the children (whatever that means.) The remainder of the settlement is confidential, but I would bet there is a ban on anyone writing a tell-all book.

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