Jolie-Pitts can't stand the name "Brangelina"

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It's always surprised me that Angelina Jolie sells her babies' pictures. She seems to be above that, you know? But what I figure is that she knows there are going to be a zillion crazy people with cameras surrounding her anyway, snapping pictures of her kids, so why not make a buck off it?

A buck, or 16 million of them, that is. That's the rumor anyway, and TMZ is also saying that the Jolie-Pitts won't be selling the twins' first pictures to any magazine that uses the moniker "Brangelina." Apparently, Angelina and Brad can't stand the term.

If the rumor is true (and let's be honest, who really knows?), I can't really blame the couple. If you can earn $16 million just for sitting for a photo shoot, you probably can have pretty much anything you want.

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