DailyDish: Be a tourist in your own city

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You may think you know everything there is to know about the town where you live, but chances are you don't.Do your homework as if you were an actual tourist and you may discover fun things to do right in your own backyard.

  • Try an online search for your local Chamber of Commerce. Most cities have their own Chamber with listings for local attractions, entertainment, recreation and shopping.
  • Stop by a local hotel and pick up some of the brochures they offer for out-of-towners. These will point you to fun stuff in your city that you might not even be aware of.
  • If you've got a few extra dollars to spend, book a room in that hotel and enjoy swimming in the pool and ordering room service.
  • Research your area for historical sites. Study up on them and take the kids on a trip through the past.
Treat your Staycation like a real vacation and your kids will never know the difference.


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