Teenager finds bat in her bra!

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In one of those bizarro stories that is so weird it simply has to be true, a teenage girl recently found a bat in her bra. Not the Louisville Slugger type, mind you, this was the living, breathing mammal kind.

According to Abbie Hawkins, she thought the bat was actually her cell phone. Not sure why someone would keep a cell phone in her bra, but I've heard of stranger things--you know, like finding a BAT in there instead. After the initial shock, the nineteen-year-old said she felt sorry for the little guy, who was no bigger than her hand.

Hawkins first noticed something was amiss on her way to the airport, when she felt the vibrations and thought they were from her cell phone in her jacket pocket. It wasn't until lunch when she felt something moving around that she decided to investigate. The bra had been hanging on her washline overnight. Hawkins assures everyone she'll be checking her bras from now on!

Bat pic by kafka4prez.

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