Are gas prices keeping you home this summer?

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Because we don't like to deal with the traffic and because our town has an enormous fireworks display, we usually stick around town during the Fourth. We noticed, though, that a lot of other people stayed home last weekend, too. Our normal haunts, which typically would have been somewhat busy, were overwhelmingly crowded. In a state notorious for its northbound traffic on summer weekends, it seems like a lot of people decided to stay put instead.

On Friday, I canceled an upcoming camping trip due to a conflicting obligation. The woman on the other end of the phone sighed. "Can you please tell me," she asked, "Is it because of the gas prices? Because you're the fourth cancellation this morning and we're starting to keep track."

Though it's painful every time I have to fill up our gas tank, I can't really say that the gas prices have slowed us down that much this summer. But after this weekend, I'm starting to wonder if people are staying home to save money. We've talked about staycations before at ParentDish, and we're talked about them again this week. So I'm curious what other families have to say. Are gas prices keeping you home this summer?

Vacation or staycation?
Vacation! I won't let gas prices keep me home.32 (28.8%)
Staycation! I can have just as much fun without filling up my tank.71 (64.0%)
Other -- share with us in comments.8 (7.2%)

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