Custody on the basis of faith

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I couldn't imagine being romantically involved with someone whose beliefs were diametrically opposed to my own, let alone plan on raising children with them. Sure, my own parents were a mixed Catholic/Jewish couple, but my dad wasn't as adamant about practicing as my mother, so it worked out. But even so, Judaism and Catholicism at least share a common basis. Heck, we even attended a few Jews for Jesus gatherings.

Christianity and Satanism, however, are so different that one wonders how a follower of each would meet, let alone decide to marry. And yet, Kristie and James Meyer not only got married, they had three children together. Now, however, they are separated and are at odds over the religious upbringing of the kids. He, the Satanist, has custody of the kids on the weekend, but she, a Christian, wants to curtail that so she can take the kids to church on Sundays.

Now it's up to a judge to decide. The judge, of course, cannot render a decision that favors one religion over another. Mr. Meyer may be asked to prove that Satanism is a real religion -- easy enough: the IRS says it is -- while Mrs. Meyer would have to show that his beliefs are more harmful to the kids than her own.

Wow. I'd say it's one big mess. I'm not sure what the right answer is, other than that he should get to do what he wants with his time with the kids just as she is free to take the kids to church on her time. Sadly, I don't think it's really that simple and the ones that lose out are, of course, the kids.

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