Jessica Alba didn't feel sexy when she was pregnant

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Jessica Alba recently came clean about what it really felt like to be pregnant. The sexy Latina star, known for vamping it up in such films as Sin City and the recent The Love Guru, said that she loved being pregnant and wouldn't trade the experience for the world, but that it left her feeling less than desirable in the hotness department.

Unlike Catherine Zeta Jones, who claimed she never felt sexier than when she was pregnant, it seems like Alba just felt fat. Says the star, "I wanted to get rid of all that weight." Alba recently became mom to Honor Marie (as well as Mrs. Cash Warren).

Many women feel gorgeous rather than gross during their pregnancies. Others feel blobby, but only post-partum. What about you? Did you bask in the glorious glow of impending motherhood or did you feel less sexy than ever?

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