Jolie to debut twins on Tuesday?

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The French seem like they're right up their with Americans in the Angelina Jolie pregnancy fervor. And rightly so--this is the most publicity France has received in a long time! Plus it helps us forget about that whole 'Freedom Fries' thing.

According to French reports, the Oscar-winning actress is set to give birth to her twins next Tuesday. If the source is to be trusted, Ange is mega-pregnant, tired of the hospital food and just wants those babies OUT OF THERE. I know how that feels--you recall the final stages of your pregnancy, yes? Happy to be with child, ready to experience the miracle of life...ready to get your body back!

Apparently Jolie is keen to give birth asap, but the medical staff feel it would be better to induce her on Tuesday. She wanted to go forward on Monday, but that's Bastille Day! Normally, in New York City anyway, inductions are all done on a Friday. Not sure why that is but it does give the new mom (and her family) the weekend to recover. I still think she's going to have a C-section like so many other Hollywood stars, that she's not reached the end of her last trimester--all in order to avoid losing her A-list body! Only time will tell--or, at least, Tuesday will.

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