Teen saves boy from drowning

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Water safety is pretty darn important, especially if you're going to be hanging out at the lake. You can either opt for swim lessons, a good lifejacket or PFD (personal flotation device), or, you could just keep Jason Wright of British Columbia, Canada around. That's what worked for five-year-old Riley Timmerman.

Riley was playing on the water at Chimney Lake when he got stuck beneath the air mattress he was using. Jason, meanwhile, was "just swimming along and playing with [my cousin] Trey," when his uncle called out to him about poor Riley. "I thought he was mad at me," laughs Jason. Once he got the message, however, he quickly swam over to Riley and freed the boy. "I picked him up and he was coughing up water a bit and was crying," explained Jason.

The fifteen-year-old is hesitant about calling himself a hero. "I don't think it's very much of a big deal," he said modestly. I'm sure Riley doesn't agree, nor would Riley's or even Jason's parents. The community seems to think he's a hero; he's getting a certificate of merit from the city. If you ask me, the certificate and the recognition is well deserved. Kudos to Jason!


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