Don't try this at home: fairy tale edition

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What sort of parent would let their daughter wander around the forest alone? Especially when there are bears about? Or take a shortcut through the woods to Grandma's house, regardless of how in need of cookies the old lady might be? At the very least, teach the kid not to talk to strangers, especially wolves!

It seems that fairy tale parents are worse than real-life parents -- hence the fates of Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood. Luckily, kids understand that these are tales of caution, not suggestions on how to live their lives -- or do they? In South Australia, the Education Department isn't so sure. They want teachers to give kids warnings when reading children's stories such as these. Professor Freda Briggs, who helped develop the curriculum, explained that "this is about appropriately empowering the child."

On the other hand, critics are worried about scaring children too much. "You don't want to scare children too much and create an environment of fear," said Australian Family Association spokesman Jerome Appleby. "We don't want to create little nervous wrecks."

Personally, I always thought the whole point of fairy tales, like fables, was to teach a lesson in a way that children could relate to the message. On the other hand, perhaps, kids these days need that message spelled out a little more clearly.
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