Driver keeps mum on baby's sex, daddy

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Actress Minnie Driver is refusing to play the Hollywood game with her pregnancy. Unlike some stars, who finally give in the the pressure of the media, Driver is refusing to comment on the sex of her baby. She's also sticking to her guns and not revealing who the baby daddy is.

Naturally media tongues are wagging with rumor, but Minnie will not satisfy them. The actress, who is set to give birth any minute now, doesn't know the sex of the baby, which makes it easier to keep that item a secret. Apparently the suspense is killing her, too (although she seems to think the baby is a girl)!

Driver also revealed she has no plans for a C-section, stating she isn't "looking for any type of intervention." Good luck, Minnie! Time will certainly tell what the sex of the child is, but who knows if we're ever going to find out who the daddy is. Who knows--maybe she'll keep it up and the answer to that will be one of life's great unresolved mysteries.

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