Should children be banned from weddings?

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When you think of the perfect wedding, does it include children? It does for me. When my cousin married recently, she involved every one of her nieces and nephews and made it clear that children were welcome. My girls sat quietly during the ceremony and were utterly delighted by the fact that they could dance to loud music all night long. They were especially thrilled when the bride or one of her bridesmaids (some of them also cousins) stopped to dance with them.

But according to this article from BBC, it's becoming more and more common to ban children from wedding celebrations. Brides worry that noisy or unruly children will undo all of their planning, or perhaps are just looking for a more sophisticated atmosphere. A toddler was recently thrown out of church at a UK wedding for being too noisy, causing his parents to complain to the Church of England. Rightfully so, I think, since they were the bride and groom!
Another cousin got married last summer, and she respectively asked that kids not attend. It left us in a bind since all of our potential babysitters were also invited to the wedding. We ended up splitting up -- the men stayed home with the kids while the women went. The wedding was gorgeous and joyful. I've no doubt the bride and groom never missed our kids. But because it was a family wedding, I know that we sure did.

As a mom, I understand that I'm completely biased. I want my kids to be included in family functions because they are a part of our family. But I also recognize that the bride and groom have a right to an adult affair, one that does include the unpredictable nature of kids. I'd never make an issue out of children not being invited, because I think it's the bride and groom's choice how to spend their day.

What do you think about kids and weddings?

Do you think children belong at weddings?
Yes. Weddings are a celebration and children are a big part of that.40 (25.2%)
No. Weddings are adult affairs.14 (8.8%)
It's up to the bride and groom.104 (65.4%)
Other -- share with us in comments.1 (0.6%)

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