C-Rod flew during last trimester of pregnancy

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As yet another bitter celebrity divorce gets under way, interesting details about Cynthia Rodriguez's time while she was pregnant have been revealed. Cynthia, or C-Rod as she is now being called by the press, wife of Yankee's baseball star Alex Rodriguez (who is known as A-Rod, hence her nickname), recently stated she flew in the last trimester of her pregnancy to be with her husband on opening day.

Many doctors prefer women not fly in the third trimester of pregnancy for safety and health concerns. In fact, current wisdom holds a woman (at least in the U.S.) should not travel by air after her seventh month of pregnancy. C-Rod apparently flew in her ninth month. Her daughter was born less than a month after the flight.

What do you think? Is it a lot of poppy cosh that women shouldn't fly in the last trimester of pregnancy or is there something to it? C-Rod seemed to do fine and so did her daughter. I personally wouldn't want to fly while that pregnant. Heaven forbid you go into labor while you're in the air! Not to mention those seats are WAY too small for bulging pregnancy bellies. And if you have a craving? Well, if that's not the in-flight snack you're out of luck.

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