Decoding the Jolie-Pitt baby names

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So, the long wait has ended. Not only did Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt finally have those babies yesterday, they bucked a trend and released their names immediately. Surely you have heard by now that the newest additions to the ever-expanding Jolie-Pitt family are Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline.

It is no surprise that the couple got creative with their baby names. You didn't expect a John or a Mary, did you? And while Knox may be the most unusual name of the two, it is the choice of Vivienne that surprises most. It is downright traditional in an early 1900's kind of way. The French feminine of Vivian, their new daughter's name is obviously a nod to Jolie's late mother, French-born Marcheline. Compared to her sisters Shiloh and Zahara, Vivienne's name may sound a little boring, but I think it's beautiful.

As far as Knox Leon, it would appear that the Jolie-Pitt's are fond of the letter X. As in Maddox, Pax and now Knox. I don't know what that name means to the French, but apparently there is a Knox somewhere in Brad's family tree. It's nice enough, but my first thought was gelatin. Followed by Barney Fife (but that's Don Knotts). If they plan to have more babies (does anyone doubt they will?), where else can they go with this X business?

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