Florida man trades baby's name for $100 in gas

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If the newest celebrity baby names got you buzzing last week, try this one on for size. When Florida resident David Partin's girlfriend, Samantha, gives birth to their son this winter, he'll be named "Dixon and Willoughby Partin." That might not be so bad if she was having twins, but she's not.

Florida radio DJs Richard Dixon and J. Willoughby ran a contest where the listener with the most interesting thing to trade won $100 gas card. Partin offered up naming rights to his unborn son and won. So the baby, for better or for worse, will be named for both men... the "and" included.

Can you imagine? My husband named our younger daughter, and I love both her name and the fact that he chose it. But had he come home and announced that he sold that right for a couple of fill-ups at the gas pump, well, there may have been words. Samantha seems to be a good sport however, saying that her son (Will they call him Dix? Will?) will have an interesting story to tell.

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