Teen's braces save his life

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Most kids wear their braces grudgingly. The pay-off for the pain is usually a long time coming and teens aren't known for their patience. But there is at least one kid who got more than he bargained for from his braces, and he didn't have to wait years for it.

Police in Pontiac, Michigan say that 18-year-old Anthony Pittman's braces probably saved his young life. Pittman was among a group of teens who got into an argument that turned into a gunfight. At least three different weapons were fired and a bullet from one of them - a .45 caliber - hit Pittman in the mouth. Police believe that Pittman survived the injury because his braces fragmented the bullet.

"We believe what happened is that the bullet was split, in part by the braces, so it fragmented and continued into his mouth, tongue and teeth," said Pontiac police Capt. Wendy Keelty. "But because it was fragmented, it didn't penetrate through the back of his neck.

Pittman didn't escape completely unscathed. He is currently in critical condition with a mouth full of broken teeth and a severely injured tongue. He may not end up with straight teeth, but hopefully the experience will lead him to straighten out his life and choose some better kids to hang with.

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