The new sunscreen dilemma

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On our way to the beach last weekend, I hopped out at local Walgreen's for sunscreen. Twenty minutes later I returned, to my irritated and impatient family. "I'm sorry," I said, "But it's really hard to buy sunscreen these days."

While I really appreciate the work the Environmental Working Group put in to their sunscreen study, I find myself frozen when faced with shelves full of sunscreen. Their top 10 picks for kids contain few name brands, and those that I can find at a local store likely use micronized zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Though the EWG, after carefully weighing the benefits and the risks, have chosen to support studies that say nanoparticles are safe, I'm not yet convinced that I want to use them on a regular basis.

After careful deliberation, I chose a brand earlier this summer. It cost me $17 and was in a bottle so small, it was gone after our first camping trip. So I went into Walgreen's determined to at least avoid oxybenzone, but even that was difficult. Surprisingly, the brand I ended up with doesn't rank too badly on the EWG's list.

I must not be the only mom struggling, because this summer the EWG came out with their National Brand Buying Guide. It lists popular brands that rank higher up on their list of recommended sunscreens, and hopefully won't break your vacation budget.

Am I the only one worrying about this, or are you, too, having a sunscreen dilemma this season?

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