Grandma fights a fox and wins

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In the left corner, wearing a garden hat and gloves, we have 77-year-old Avis Blakeslee. In the right corner, we have a crazy, rabid fox. Ding ding.

That's not exactly how it went down in Avis Blakelee's Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania garden last week, but the result was the same. She was out in her yard, tending her petunias, when she was attacked by what she thought was a dog. After the animal bit her, she held its mouth shut and pinned it to the ground with one arm, while using her free arm to flag down a passing car. She got the attention of a motorist, whose cries alerted her teenage grandson next door to her predicament. He ran for help while his dad, Blakeslee's son, put what turned out to be a fox down for the count with a well-placed bullet.

Blakeslee is recovering after a four-day stay in the hospital where she underwent surgery to clean out seven wounds in her arm and one in her leg. The fox, who was determined to be rabid, has gone to that big boxing ring in the sky.


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