Mommy Bloggers Cross-Country Roadtrip to BlogHer

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A road trip without tantrums or losing feeling in your arm from handing back treats and toys non-stop is nearly impossible for most moms to imagine, but life on the road sans small fry has been the reality all week for a select group of mommy bloggers.

Four members of the Silicon Valley Mom Groups living across the country from each otherr will be meeting up as they drive coast-to-coast to their final destination, the BlogHer conference in San Francisco. Corporate sponsors have donated the vehicle as well as cutting-edge technology (wireless internet IN THE CAR!) that enables the woman to keep readers of their blog updated on their adventures as well as to organize last minute meet ups with bloggers in the area they are stopping.

In addition to attracting lots of media attention, the women are also using their time in the spotlight to raise money for a worthwhile cause. Flashes of Hope is an organization that travels to hospitals to take lovely, professional portraits of children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses and their families, free of charge.

We're often inundated by stories of the dark side of the internet, but the good that can come from this medium should be noted as well. Safe travels and remember to stop and stretch, ladies!


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