Cell-phones as 'mom-avoidance' devices

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When answering machines first became affordable, I ran right out and got one. How great to be able to communicate with others without having to actually talk to them! These days, of course, our options for impersonal communication have increased. With the advent of email, instant messaging and text-messaging, one could conceivably go for days without actually having to speak to another person. According to this article, such non-verbal communication has big-time appeal for the average teenager.

Stephen Saiz, manager of consumer insight and strategy of the Walt Disney Internet Group's North American mobile division, says that text-messaging has become a handy parent-avoidance device for many teens. "Teens are pushing their parents to go on mobile because they don't really want to communicate with them directly," he said.

Because of this, more and more parents are jumping on the texting bandwagon. Saiz says that most of the older people using their cell phone mobile applications are mothers who were pushed into the world of texting by their kids. And why don't kids want to talk to mom on the phone? Saiz believes it is due to the fact that they are busy pursuing much more important activities: playing video games and hanging with their friends.

Does this happen to you? Do you call your child's phone only to end up in voice mail? Does your kid respond to you with a text message? Is this okay with you?

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