Family Ties kid all grown up and getting in trouble

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Last year, former Family Ties actor Brian Bonsall made headlines when he was arrested and convicted of third degree assault. You may remember Bonsall as Michael J. Fox's little brother, Andy, on the popular 1980's sitcom. After his conviction last year, the now 26-year-old Boulder, Colorado resident was sentenced to two years' probation for pouring a drink on his girlfriend, grabbing her in a choke-hold and throwing her down on the bed when she tried to leave. Nice.

Today, he's back in the headlines for failing to abide by the terms of his probation. He is accused of not paying for his court-ordered domestic-violence classes, missing his daily alcohol checks and testing positive for at least one breathalyzer test that he did take. But it gets worse. He was due in court yesterday to face those charges and failed to show. The judge in the case is expected to issue a warrant for his arrest today.

Sadly, a former child star getting in trouble isn't all that unusual. But what really gets me is the photos that accompany the article. From sweet-faced little boy to rough-looking criminal, it is enough to break any parent's heart.

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