ParentPicks: Toddler must-haves

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It's time for another installment of ParentPicks, a veritable gold mine of parental wisdom. Our sneaking suspicions were right - you DO have some fantastic baby picks up your sleeve!

Well, let's keep the good ideas flowing. This month's ParentPicks feature will be focused on the darling, yet obstinate toddler stage. Personally, I have been thrown blindly into the Terrible Two's Ring of Fire during the past month. (HOLD ME.) The only item that elicits a guaranteed smile from my outdoorsy dictator is his Kettler tricycle.

What about you, though? What product or item could you not live without during the toddler years? Your insightful responses will be compiled and presented in August for everyone to enjoy. Now, get to it! Parents all over the world will thank you!

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