Fridgewatcher lets you share your leftovers with the world

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People all over the world are opening wide their refrigerator doors and sharing their contents with the public on a site called Fridgewatcher. According to Fridgewatcher, "every fridge tells a story." And you know what? After being sucked into this site for more minutes than I care to admit, they're right. Refrigerators really are a window into a person's lifestyle, for better or for worse.

Right now my fridge contains milk, yogurt, juice, cheese, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and condiments, even a little leftover homemade pesto from dinner. My fridge would say about me, "Here's a mom who has little time to clean (note the spill on the bottom shelf), but who works hard to feed her family nutritious meals and snacks." Yep, that sounds about right. Go ahead and talk to my fridge.

But whatever you do, don't take a peek on that top shelf in the pantry, because there, well, that's where my shame lives. (Chocolate covered peanuts.) If you looked up there, you'd get a completely different story. (Doritos.) One that says, when this mom's kids aren't looking, she brings out the good stuff. (Ghirardelli goodness, to be exact.) On second thought, maybe we should change the subject (please don't look in the freezer).

What would your fridge say about you?


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