Katie Holmes has Mom Hair?

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Katie HolmesKatie Holmes may very well have the most-watched hairline in America. And recently, she cut her precision bob into something a little shorter. And maybe a little less chic. And, according to some, more Mom-like. But not in a good way.

The NY Daily News points out that since she began dating Tom Cruise, Katie's hair has gotten shorter and shorter. Of course, in that time, she has also had a baby, and there might be some correlation -- what mom has time for long flowing tresses, especially long flowing Hollywood tresses? But they don't seem happy with Holmes' newest short 'do complaining that "While the new look is fitting for a young mom, if Katie goes any shorter she'll be headed into 'G.I. Jane' territory."

So is short hair always Mom Hair? And is Mom Hair always frumpy? What do you think -- what's the easiest Mom style?

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