Fake vacations -- the new staycation

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backyard campingSo you've decided to stay home this summer to save money and have embraced this year's hottest buzzword -- the staycation. Just how far are you willing to go to make your staycation vacation-like, though? Pitching a tent in the backyard? Buying some marshmallows?

How about revamping your home to look like a hotel room? Or sending your friends postcards from the places you, well, aren't going? That's exactly how some people are taking their staycation to the next level, according to the Wall Street Journal. One guy has even made a business out of creating a hotel-like atmosphere for people who can't leave their own home. Another woman is planning an entire Japanese-themed vacation, without leaving her city, and that includes trying to trick her friends by mailing them Japanese-themed postcards.

If you're staying home this summer, how far will you take your staycation? The family who pitched a tent in their living room definitely created memories for their kids, but as far as paying someone to make me feel like I'm on vacation...? I don't know. I think a better plan would be to take that money and stick it in next year's vacation fund. What do you think?

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