Soccer mom embezzles $72k from league

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On the surface, 42-year-old Deborah Angilley probably looks like your typical soccer mom. Attending games and even coaching at one point, you could say she is very involved with her kid's athletic life. Maybe a little too involved.

The Edgewood, Washington mom is accused of embezzling $72,000 from the Fife-Milton-Edgewood Soccer Club. And she wasn't just feeding her Starbucks habit and gassing up her SUV with all that cash. It seems she had a little gambling problem. Police accuse her of spending a big chunk of the stolen money at the Emerald Queen Casino. In fact, she spent enough to become one of the casino's "preferred players." You don't earn that status playing quarter slots.

She is also accused of writing checks to her teen son as well as her landlord, who could also be in trouble if they had any inkling where the cash came from.

Her thieving ways nearly ruined the soccer league. "The club almost folded due to this theft, but has stayed in existence only through the generosity of those that have loaned us about $40,000," League president Jeff Flesner said.

While I am shocked and saddened that anyone would steal money from kids this way, I am also blown away by how much money she managed to pilfer. $72,000! It won't happen again, though. Flesner says the league has now taken steps to prevent future treasurers from having unchecked access to the league's money.

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