Vices to help you survive parenthood

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A glass of wine, a wine bottle, and a bunch of grapes on a tableSometimes, a little vice makes all the difference. No, I'm not talking about drugs or sex or anything like that. I'm talking about things like playing escape-the-room games or surfing real estate websites to find the perfect (or at least affordable) vacation home. Or, in Stefanie Ilgenfritz's case, watching soap operas.

She writes, in the Wall Street Journal, about her secret love of soaps and how she looks forward during the week to watching her taped episodes on the weekends. For me, it's the occasional game (usually one posted on Lazy Laces) or reading some of my favorite webcomics (like xkcd or Questionable Content) or looking at houses for sale in the Russian River area and fantasizing about taking the kids up to the river on the weekends.

I'm sure there are just as many such guilty pleasures as there are parents, but these sorts of harmless fun -- while not exactly getting the chores done -- help us all keep our sanity. And, as I learned a long time ago in another life, you have to care for the caregiver.

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