Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's Babies Don't Wear Repeats

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It's not uncommon for celebrities to keep track of where and when they've worn their fabulous outfits lest they bore their fans (or the paparazzi) with wardrobe reruns. However, hearing that the infant offspring of a celebrity never wears clothing more than one time is a bit....unusual.

According to the Sun, famous diva/singer/actress Jennifer Lopez never reuses her infant twins clothing, keeping everything new and fresh for..... the household staff, non-nannies, and her husband Marc Anthony.

Whether it's due to extravagance, a pre-emptive measure to keep her kids from becoming too attached to a certain outfit, or a fear of germs, I think that J Lo is shortchanging herself by not allowing memories to form around any piece of clothing. Just seeing the few kid clothing items I've set aside takes me back a time when a my boys had chubby cheeks, were entranced by every ant on the sidewalk and cloud in the sky and wore bib overalls on a daily basis.

On the other hand, can you even imagine how awesome of thrift bonanza it will be when she decides to unload these items?!

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