Summer camp -- parents get "kid-sick"

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summer camp cabinA friend recently sent her 11-year-old off to camp. "I'm really going to miss him," she sniffed. I tried to be empathetic, but I was too busy daydreaming about what I'd do with seven whole days to myself. I knew that if it was me putting my kids on that bus, however, I'd be more than a little sad and worried as well.

Camp organizers and leaders say that they've seen a huge increase in what they call "kid-sickness" in the last 10 years. Though kids are eagerly looking forward to the many adventures camp brings, parents feel sad and worried when their kids go away. It's another reflection of our generation of parenting, says CNN, one that is far more anxiety-ridden than the parents that came before us.

My friend recovered from her angst by day two, I think, and says she's now looking forward to her week long break every summer. More importantly, she's celebrating the fact that the experience was a success for her son. Camp, for kids who want to try it, can be a confidence-building activity that creates memories to last a lifetime.

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