DailyDish: Avoiding car sickness

Few things can ruin a road trip faster and more completely than car sickness.A form of motion sickness, car sickness is caused by mixed signals sent to the brain. When riding in a car, your inner ear, eyes and body may all be sending different information to your brain, causing confusion that can result in nausea. Here are some tips for helping little travelers (and big ones, too!) enjoy the ride.

  • Keep your eyes focused on the horizon and not to the side of the car where objects are speeding by.
  • If you must eat before heading out, make sure it is light and not too greasy or filling.
  • Avoid reading while riding in a car.
  • I've never tried them, but some people swear by magnetic wrist bands.
  • Folk remedies for motion sickness include taking ginger powder, chewing on fresh ginger root and sucking on peppermint candies.
  • If the child is old enough, sitting in the front seat may be more comfortable.
  • If the queasiness starts, opening the windows and letting fresh air blow about may help.
If none of these tips work and you don't want to resort to Dramamine, there is still hope. Give yourself plenty of time to get where you are going and make frequent fresh air stops. Getting out of the car and walking around, even for just a few minutes, can work wonders for an icky tummy.


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