Jon and Kate - Are they good enough parents for TV?

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Jon and Kate GosselinI'm not especially into watching Jon and Kate plus Eight, the show that chronicles the parenting adventures of a couple with twins and sextuplets, but my wife likes to catch it. I've never been a big fan of Kate, the wife and mother; I feel that she is too obsessive and doesn't treat Jon, her husband particularly well. If you've never seen the show, there are a whole lot of clips available for viewing online.

I find it difficult to comprehend how she can deprive her kids of the joy of coloring with markers or eating ice cream or, heck, all the myriad ways kids can have fun getting dirty, simply because she likes things clean. In fact, it seems like her kids are missing out on a lot because of her obsessive nature. My kids regularly come home from school or summer camp looking like they've been allergic to soap and water their whole lives. It's one way to tell they've had a whole mess of fun.

I can certainly understand phobias and fetishes; I know I have my fair share. The problem is, she's a parent now. She can't afford the luxury of having to have everything clean and tidy -- the kids' happiness and nurturing takes precedence. She needs to put her problems on the back burner and let her kids take center stage now. In twenty years or so, when the kids leave home, she can go back to being obsessive and dysfunctional.

Well, it seems I'm not alone in my distaste for Kate. In fact, one woman feels even more strongly about it and isn't afraid to say so. She has even suggested that perhaps the show should be cancelled, at least until Kate gets some help with "her multitude of issues."

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Her reason -- Kate's incessant berating and belittling of Jon. Is he an abused husband? I'm not exactly sure, but he's certainly not treated all that well. The author, Tammy G, cites an incident at Toys R Us as an example. Kate hollers at Jon across the store and he ends up leaving in embarrassment. I'm not sure I would stand for such treatment either.

I know that Kate's physical abuse of Jon is not something I would stand for; I'm afraid that if my wife slapped me the way that and as often as Kate slaps Jon, someone would end up getting hurt. Not only is physical violence unnecessary and inappropriate, it sets a very bad example for the kids. And as if that weren't enough, when asked about the slapping, Kate actually blamed Jon for it.

Tammy G suggests that Jon and Kate are not good role models and offers up the Duggars instead. It seems to me, however, that not everything on television needs to be an example of how we should be; sometimes television can shows us how not to be. Perhaps that is the lesson we can learn from Jon and Kate -- how not to treat a spouse and kids.

Is Kate a good parenting role model?
Absolutely not, she's too uptight.50120 (33.5%)
Sure, she's honest about her issues.58566 (39.1%)
It's too hard to tell from a TV show.41100 (27.4%)

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