Things I should probably feel guilty about (but don't)

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Having literally eighteen months' worth of adorable kid moments captured by video. Still on the digital camcorder.

Laughing at the baby when he throws a full-fledged tantrum over being dressed in pajamas. So angry!

Not having taken my nearly-3-year-old to the dentist yet. And based on his reaction to the pediatrician's office this week (where he wasn't even being EXAMINED, OH MY GOD), planning to eventually fob off this duty on his father.

Never giving any serious consideration to cloth diapers.

Having given up on worrying about the nutritional content of my toddler's meals, and generally just hoping that something with calories makes its way to his belly a few times a day. ANYTHING with calories.

Hoping both children do all their pooping for the day at daycare.

Zerberting the baby's belly right before naptime, even though it makes him shrieky and giggly and generally sort of insane.

Telling my kid the TV's broken sometimes.

Occasionally providing my own spin on our bedtime stories: "And then the caterpillar smoked a nice big green leaf and he was soooo hungry, he ate through one bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos, one piece of pepperoni pizza, one box of Junior Mints, one can of Mountain Dew, and one peanut-butter-and-pretzel sandwich!"

Sending the toddler running back and forth between his father and I in order to deliver vaguely dirty messages. "Mommy, Daddy says he has a BIG HOT DOG for your MOUTH!"

(Got any of your own to share?)

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