Twin sisters give birth to triplets

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pregnant womanAfter two attempts at IVF failed, Darla Pritchard's twin sister Dana wasn't leaving anything to chance. She offered to improve her sister's odds at a successful pregnancy by being a gestational carrier (commonly called a surrogate). Darla and her husband Mark agreed, so during the next IVF cycle, doctors placed embryos inside both Darla and Dana.

Darla and Mark got their wish of becoming parents... times 3. Darla and Dana both became pregnant, Darla carrying two of the babies and Dana carrying one. Darla gave birth in February, while Dana gave birth six weeks later, so while the children -- all biological children of Darla and Mark -- are considered triplets, they'll have different birth dates.

In a twist that makes this tangled family tree even more interesting, by Missouri law, Dana is actually the mother of Mattie, the child that she carried for her sister. So Darla and Mark will have to actually adopt their own child before she is legally theirs. Hopefully these triplets will grow to be as devoted to each other as these sisters are!

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