Vasectomy - the new condom in your wallet

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A selection of surgical scissors, clamps, and tweezersWhile it's not standard operating procedure, it's not uncommon for an older gentleman who is done having kids to get a vasectomy. When it comes to having sex, I imagine it is a much more convenient and efficient method of birth control than using a condom. These days, however, it's not just granddads who are taking advantage of that convenience.

According to this article, younger men are opting to take control of the contraception situation themselves -- and permanently. Or at least semi-permanently, since vasectomies are, in theory, reversible. When the vasectomy is done at an early age and the reversal much later, however, the likelihood of restoring fertility is much lower than when the initial cut is made later and the reversal done sooner thereafter.

So why would a guy take such a chance with his potential fatherhood? Well, actually, it's because they don't want to take a chance on fatherhood. After half a dozen near-misses with an unwanted pregnancy, Tim Vass got snipped. Afterwards, he says, the sex was much better -- "It's like eating junk food and knowing you're not going to get fat."

Personally, I'm not in favor of any surgery, no matter how minor, that's not absolutely necessary. Of course, I've got the most reliable form of contraception -- kids. Still, even though I'm done having kids, I think I would rather use a condom than get snipped. But if I were young, and single, and had any chance of getting lucky, I could see how a vasectomy would be a tempting alternative to carrying a bunch of condoms around with me.

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