Five year old leaves daycare, hits local Hooters

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Yes, this is true. A five-year-old in Denton, Texas managed to slip out of a local daycare undetected and made it all the way to the parking lot of a nearby Hooters. What's worse, he crossed two busy streets to get there. The boy, unnamed, is believed to have slipped out through an emergency exit, which due to fire codes should remain unlocked at all times. The owner of the daycare claims the child asked to use the bathroom and then must have slipped out. Clearly he was not being supervised!

The manager of the Hooters noticed the child was unattended and brought him into the restaurant, keeping him in the back coloring until the boy's parents could be located. They have coloring books at Hooters? Anyway, the manager did note the boy said he stopped to look both ways before crossing the road and stopped half-way through to be safe.

According to inspection records, the daycare, called The Imagination Station, has been cited eight times since 2003. Two of the citations have been for improper supervision. The boy, who has not since returned to the daycare, also managed to stop at a local gas station for a drink and some snacks before completing the half-mile trek to Hooters.

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