Martie Maguire gives birth to a Dixie Chicklet

Dixie Chick fiddling sensation Martie Maguire has added another chick to her brood. The musician/singer and her husband Gareth Maguire welcomed a new daughter, Harper Rosie Maguire, to their family on Friday in Austin, Texas. Baby Harper will be joined at home by the couple's twin daughters, Eva Ruth and Kathleen Emilie who were born in 2004.

Unlike other celebrities who remain mum on fertility treatments, both Macguire and her younger sister (and fellow Dixie Chick) Emily Robinson have been vocal and open about IVF being the answer to their prayers of finally able to achieve a family. (The lyrics to the Dixie Chick song "It's So Hard When When It Doesn't Come Easy" is based on the difficulties infertility can put on a couple.)

"All my (fertility) paperwork said 'unspecified origin,'" Maguire told Conceive magazine. "We spent three years of active trying before we went to IVF. First I went on Clomid. Then I had some dye tests and found I had a collapsed tube, so I had laparoscopic surgery; the tube wasn't blocked, just spasming. We did three IUIs [intrauterine insemination], and then decided it wasn't worth doing a fourth, and we'd go on to in vitro fertilization."

Congratulations and best wishes to the Maguire family!


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