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Make sure your child is prepared to share memories what he/she did over summer vacation by helping him or her put together a summer vacation album.

Back to school can be both a happy and sad time for children. They're excited about going back to school to see their friends after the long break, compare their new school supplies and show off their new Fall wardrobe. Yet there's a feeling of sadness when the summer romping and frolicking is over.

Inevitably, the teacher will ask each child what he or she did over the summer. Make it both fun and easy for your child to share memories by putting together an album of pictures (photos or hand drawn) and keepsakes from the summer. Your child will have something to share and to cherish for years to come.

Putting together the album is not only inexpensive, but can be a good activity for your child to engage in while you try to organize his/her back to school supplies and clothes in preparation for the big first day!


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