Eating soy linked to lowered sperm count

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soy drinkWhether you're already a dad or thinking of becoming one, if you're a man who's part of a couple that's trying to conceive, you might just want to lay off soy for a while.

A recent small study found that men who consume even small amounts of soy each day may cut their sperm count by up to 40%. A half serving is as little as a half of a veggie burger. Researchers theorize that the isoflavones in soy, which act like oestrogen in the body, affect sperm production. Critics of the study say that other research in this area have found that soy doesn't have an impact on sperm production, and theorize that obesity may have played a role in this study's findings.

Either way, it's worth mentioning to your doctor if you're having trouble conceiving. Though women often bear the brunt of invasive testing when infertility is suspected, male factor infertility is both common and relatively easy to test. Researchers say that this study is not enough evidence for men to stop eating soy, but that if you're overweight, have irregular sperm counts, and eat soy regularly, it might be something to take a look at.

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