Halle Berry going after intrusive photogs

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Halle BerryI think being famous would be fun - to a point. For me, that point would be reached the moment I gave birth. Being photographed and hounded by fans might be kind of cool for a footloose and fancy-free girl, but I imagine it is a totally different story once children are involved.

It is definitely a problem for Halle Berry, who gave birth to her first child last March. Being followed by the paparazzi while out in public may be part of the celebrity job description, but being spied on while hanging out in your own back yard is most definitely not. But that is exactly how some recent photos of Berry and 4-month-old Nahla Ariela Aubry were obtained.

"The paparazzi have gone too far. [Gabriel] and I have always remained that we would never sell baby photos or otherwise exploit her in any way," Berry said in a statement.

The photos in question were distributed by Fame Pictures and published in several magazines as well as posted online. Justin Smith, a rep for Fame Pictures, doesn't deny that the photos were taken improperly and acknowledges that Berry has a right to protect her child. However, his half-hearted apology falls short with this statement: "Every Britney Spears backyard shot goes out, everyone publishes it and nothing happens," Smith said.

In other words, we got away with it with Britney, so why stop now? Apology notwithstanding, Berry's lawyer has filed a criminal complaint against Fame Pictures.

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