The joys of potty training

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Our household is actively involved with potty training right now, a milestone that I had vaguely hoped would be maybe a 24-hour preoccupation but has regrettably turned out to be a ongoing effort. I suppose some kids gaily toss their diapers aside, shout NE'ER MORE!, and that's that -- not a drop spilled after the great change has been made, a well-worn, self-motivated path instantly created between child and potty chair.

We, however, are firmly mired in the Land of Endless Reminders: do you have to go potty? Do you have to go potty? Do you have to go potty? I feel like a demented parrot, hovering in front of my child and squawking the same phrase over and over all day long, but we've learned that reminders are not only useful, they're downright necessary.

In many ways it's actually more challenging to have a small child who's not in diapers. Leaving the house requires more strategizing than before, and once you're out and about -- well, there's no longer a safe haven of Huggies between your child's rear end and the shopping cart, you know? Plus, new issues are at hand: he prefers to pee standing up while I prefer not having to use an entire roll of Bounty Select-a-Size paper towels after each bathroom visit; potty reward stickers are now affixed to approximately eight thousand surfaces of my house, including, as I discovered the other morning, the bottom of my 6-month-old's left foot.

Despite the difficulties, though, it's an exciting time. Sure, it's a little moist, there are occasional setbacks, and frankly there's a lot more nakedness than I had expected, but we are on our way to leaving diapers behind (one kid down, one to go!). As my son loudly informed the bemused Fred Meyer clerk this week, "I've got THOMAS underwear on because I'm a REALLY REALLY BIG BOY and I go POOP in the POTTY!" He then went on to disclose some disturbing information about hot dogs, but thankfully we were well on our way out the door at that point.

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