School district gets tough on dress code violators

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Most public schools have dress codes and for good reason. Some may disagree, but I think tiny skirts, skimpy tops, underwear-revealing baggy pants and all those other banned garments really don't contribute anything to the learning process.

Of course, if you have rules, you must also have consequences for breaking those rules. I don't know how other schools handle students who violate the dress code, but the Gonzalez Independent School District in Texas has come up with a stricter code and a sure-fire way to discourage violations. After the first day of school, any student coming to school in violation of the dress code will be provided alternative clothing. This alternative clothing consists of a shapeless, dark blue, button-front jumpsuit that looks a lot like what you might see a mechanic wear. Or a plumber. Certainly not your average fashion-conscious teenager.

Parents are upset about the stricter dress code, mostly due to the timing. Many had already done their back-to-school shopping before the new code was implemented and now find much of what they bought is banned. Students say the code is too strict and that they would rather wear an orange jumpsuit every day than comply. Get it? Like they are prisoners of the Gonzalez Independent School District.

I think they all need to take a deep breath and listen to the wisdom of Class of '08 graduate Amy Ferguson. "I don't see why people are making such a big deal about this. We're going to have to wear uniforms for jobs. Plus they aren't being as strict as they could be,"

And then, if they still want to wear orange jumpsuits, I say let them.

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