Bicycle-riding mom catches pervert

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Bicycle handlebars viewed from on the bike while in motion.Motherhood is definitely a challenge. It's a lot of hard work and moms are, in their own special way, true superheroes. One Boulder, Colorado mother, however, took that concept literally and chased down a pervert, on her bicycle, while carrying her ten-month-old baby on her back. Twenty-three-year-old Danika Bueno was out for a bike ride when a man on a bike rode up to her from behind and grabbed her chest.

Instead of reeling in shock and letting the man get away, Bueno took after him, following him for more than a mile, and called 911. Police were able to apprehend the man and have charged him with unlawful sexual contact and child abuse. In regards to the pedal-powered chase, Bueno said, "I'm pretty comfortable on a bike, but I was nervous about getting too close to him." That's certainly understandable.

Still, kudos to Bueno for having the presence of mind to chase the guy down and get him off the streets. Way to go, Supermom!

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