High school lockers - no longer free

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A row of school lockers.When I started high school, for some reason, I had to share a locker with another kid from my homeroom. He decided he was going to share our locker with all of his mates and I no longer felt secure leaving my skateboard there. So I spent the remainder of the year carrying everything around with me. I never could get the hang of those darn combination locks anyway.

That might be the option a lot of Florida teens pick this year as well -- One high school has decided to begin charging for the use of their lockers. Admittedly, the cost is only $5 -- less than many accessories available these days to pimp out a locker -- but it's still a significant change. The school cites shrinking budgets, declining enrollment, and the cost of maintaining the lockers as the reason for the new charge. At least two other schools in the area also charge for the use of a locker.

Five dollars isn't a lot, especially when you consider that the school spends between two and five thousand dollars each year repairing the lockers and changing combinations. Still, I think I would probably have just carried my stuff around with me. Of course, these days, I'm an old fart with a bad back, so five bucks for a place to stash my stuff doesn't sound half bad.

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