Would you equip your child with a child locator device?

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Brickhouse Child Safety and Duracell have teamed up in a new ad, one that starts out ominously, "It was a beautiful day in the park, that turned to panic in an instant..." A mom loses her son at the park, but fear is quickly turned to relief when she grabs her Brickhouse monitor and quickly finds her boy.

I had no idea such a device existed. Do parents really use these on their kids? Do they give you peace of mind? Or do you feel kind of weird about it like I do? When did a day at the park start requiring electronic monitoring?

It's not like this device would work for us. We'd be the family frantically searching through their bag for the device, arguing over who was supposed to bring it and why is it MY JOB TO REMEMBER EVERYTHING? while our "lost" child would suddenly reappear behind us and ask, "Hey, what are you guys doing?"

Watch the commercial below, then share your thoughts with us in comments.

Would you use a child locator device?
Yes. The world is a dangerous place today.163 (72.1%)
No. It's too "Big Brother" for me.48 (21.2%)
Other -- share with us in comments.15 (6.6%)

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