Falling during pregnancy

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When you're pregnant, chances are we do everything in your power to take the best care of your unborn little one as possibly. Many of us (try to) give up our bad habits and assume good ones, avoiding things and being cautious just in case. Things that seemed easy before we were pregnant get harder, and require us to pay more attention, which we generally give. And, I guess, some things we just take for granted. Like WALKING.

Yesterday I fell. Big time. I was looking in front of me rather than at the ground below and I was on my knees before I even knew I was falling. It hurt, a lot, and still does. My knees are bruised and I am pretty sure I sprained my wrist, but thankfully the rest of me is ok. Question is, how do I really know? Pregnant women, are prone to falls. Pregnant women tend to have less balance (after the fourth month) so we are cautioned to take things slower. We're also cautioned to wear flat shoes--not only because they're more comfortable than heels, but because it's easier to maintain what sense of balance we have without leverage.

That's all great advice, but what to do when you've already fallen? Well, if you have any control over the fall, make sure you avoid your belly. Also, take comfort in knowing that your womb is designed to keep your baby as safe as possible, so more likely that not, if you fall you won't have harmed your little one. Make sure everything feels "normal"--whatever that is to you--in terms of how you feel and what is going on inside there with your baby. Fetal kicks should be the same, etc. Of course check for bleeding. And, honestly, if you are even the least bit freaked out, just call the OB or go in for an appointment. Research on the web turns up little other advice other than to contact your doctor if you feel even the least bit out of sorts or in pain. Honestly, an extra trip to the doctor is well worth it, even if just for piece of mind.

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