Preschooler investigated for threatening his friends

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I don't know why the teachers at The Family Development Center at University of Colorado would take away a child's pillow right before nap time, but for some reason they did. And the child who lost his pillow was not happy. In fact, 4-year-old Kyle kind of went over the edge into what can only be described as a misdirected temper tantrum. Instead of giving his teacher a piece of his mind, he threatened his fellow classmates. With a gun. According to staff at the day care, what he said was this: "I am going to go shoot all my friends!"

If an older kid says this, you should definitely call the police. But a 4-year-old? I think a good talking-to would be in order. Kyle did get a talking to - right before the university police arrived. They questioned his parents about whether or not there were guns in the home. They assured the police that not only were there no guns at home, Kyle isn't even allowed to play with toy guns or watch television.

I don't know if Kyle got his pillow back, but he did get expelled from the school in which had been enrolled for the past three years. His mom thinks the situation was handled unreasonably and I tend to agree with her. I know that in this day and age we all freak out when a kid threatens violence - often with good reason. And I may not know all the facts regarding Kyle and his home life, but I do think a four-year-old is too young to comprehend what a threat like that really means.

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