Sexual harassment just part of the job in Russia

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Ladies, if you think your job is bad, be thankful that you don't work in Russia. A recent survey of female professionals in that country finds that 100% of them have been subjected to sexual harassment by their bosses. That is not a typo - One Hundred Percent. 32 percent say they have had intercourse with the boss at least once and another 7 percent say they have been raped on the job.

Sexual harassment is so prevalent there that it often begins before a woman even gets a job. University students say it is not uncommon for females to perform sexual favors in return for high marks and job-seekers report they are often forced to have sex during job interviews.

If you wonder how this can be, look no further than the comments of a judge, who recently dismissed yet another sexual harassment case. Despite a 22-year-old executive's allegations that she had been locked out of her office for refusing to have sex with her boss, the judge threw the case out. It isn't that he didn't believe her. It's that he thinks this type of behavior is necessary to ensure that humans continue to breed. "If we had no sexual harassment we would have no children," the judge ruled.

This outrageous abuse isn't limited to the workplace, either. According to human rights activists, Russian women suffer from some of the highest levels of domestic abuse in the world. I don't know about you, but I had no idea that Russian women had it so bad. I find the whole thing disgusting and it certainly puts my workplace complaints into perspective.

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