Disney raising ticket prices

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If you have plans to visit a Disney theme park in the future, you might want to add a few extra dollars to your wallet. Beginning today, Disney is raising the cost of admission at all domestic theme parks.

How much more you will pay depends on which park you visit. At Walt Disney World in Orlando, the increase is $4 for guests ten years and older and $3 for those aged 3 to 9-years-old. At Disneyland in California, both age groups will see an increase of $3 per one-day ticket.

Those who like a little variety in their amusement will be paying extra as well. The popular park hopper option, which lets you visit different areas of the parks, will see a $5 increase to $50.

That may not seem a lot to an individual ticket holder, but considering the fact that millions of people visit those parks each year, that's a lot of additional money for the Happiest Place on Earth. Money that Disney says will be spent on new brochures and guidebooks for guests.

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