Angelina Jolie says family is "chaos"

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As the world will know soon enough if it doesn't already, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are debuting the pictures of their newborn twins today. Courtesy of People Magazine, who reportedly paid $14 million for the pictures, which will be given to a charity of the Jolie-Pitt's choice, the pictures feature mom and dad with the newborn twins and big sister Shiloh holding a babe.

Says Angelina Jolie about her ever-expanding family, which now clocks in at six, the brood is "chaos." She means that in a good way, of course, but how could it be otherwise with that many children in the house? I have one child with another on the way and sometimes wonder how I'm going to get through my day! Twins Knox and Vivienne join Maddox, Pax, and Zahara as well as Shiloh.

Jolie adds that despite the zaniness, she and the family are having a great time. She also claims her daughters Shiloh and Zahara have taken on the role of "little mommies" by helping change the twins and pick out their clothes. Perhaps she can give us some hints and tips on how to get the older kids to help out with the new ones!

Congrats to the couple, who are clearly delighted with their newest additions!

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