Libraries doing well in poor economy

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Have you hugged your librarian today? Now is a better time than ever to at least go in and say hi (you might want to save the hug for another time). Ohio librarians are reporting that libraries are more popular than ever, due in part to a struggling economy and high gas prices. Not only can you find free reading materials at the library, but you can usually check out videos or use the computers as well.

Libraries have changed a lot since we were kids, and today a visit to the library can be a fun-filled, low-cost outing for the whole family. Our local library has story time, summer reading programs, puppet shows, visiting children's authors, concerts, movie days (complete with popcorn!), crafts, and even a family game night. Teens have their own department now, as well as their own programs, and the children's room is filled with educational toys and puzzles.

So if you're finding your entertainment budget pinched by rising gas or food prices, give your public library a try. Who knows, you might just start a new family tradition. And if you're looking for other ways to get your kids out from in front of the TV or computer, don't forget to visit ParentDish's very own Childhood Unplugged for creative craft, cooking, and party ideas.

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